Pepper Panic Saga Hack

Get Gold, Extra Moves, Lives and Unlock All Levels

Sheldon's Pepper Panic Saga Hack Tool Sheldon presents, the best way to enjoy Pepper Panic Saga game without bothering about extra lives, moves, gold bars and if you are the lazy kind and do not want to go through all the levels unlocking them one by one, a all level unlocker.

Start by entering the email address you use to play the game or if playing on Facebook, enter the email address you used when you registered. To activate the free gold bars or extras simply reload the browser after you are done here.

Pepper Panic Saga Hack Update Log

Status: ONLINE Last checked 50 minutes ago

We created the Pepper Panic hack to be used when you are stuck on a level and you want to pass it the easy way, but we are sure you will be tempted to use it more once you get comfortable playing the game.

The basic option gives you a limited amount of gold, up to 9.999 free gold bars, to be used in the game as you see fit. All tools claiming that you can get more than this are fake and can get you banned. If you want more, there is an option to unlock all Pepper Panic levels but will do not recommend using it since it takes all the fun out of the game.
As for the extra lives (+5) and moves, also limited to 99, you can get them here or use your generated gold bars to buy them directly in the game. The same is true for all the game boosters.

Please remember that we do not store or use your email address for anything except crediting your Pepper Panic Saga account. The old option where you can use Facebook Connect to link your game account for the crediting process is no longer supported. Only your email address is needed to connect the gold bars with your account. Make sure that the hack tool status is marked green with the text "Online" before you start generating the resources. An updated, Android version for the Pepper Panic Saga hack will be released as soon as the game is available on Google Play. In meantime you can check our Hay Day hack available for Android and iPhone.

Go crazy on the peppers!